Halloween Looks You Can Create Quick and Easy

Easy Halloween Costumes You can Recreate

It is almost Halloween time and here are a few great Halloween looks you can put together quick and easy and still look cute. 

1. Scarecrow Look 

Try out the scarecrow look. Its all about the makeup with this look, grab a pair of jeans or overalls and a cute plaid shirt and your look is complete . 

scarecrow women Halloween costume 2. Unicorn 

Everyone loves a cute unicorn. Try this look with a cute one piece jumpsuit or catsuit and head over to Micheals if your crafty to make the tail and horn Youtube is a great place to get some great ideas to complete the look. 

3. Vintage Barbie 

Beyonce Vintage Barbie Look. This one is simple and awesome all you need is a cute one piece and a great vintage style ponytail. 

4. Sandy From Grease 

Another great celebrity look was Gigi Hadid as Sandy from Grease. Even if you have never seen the movie just about everyone know the characters . 

5. A Sexy Bunny or Cat 

A sexy bunny is always cute. Just grab a black one piece some cute ears and a little DIY tail and your all set. And if your not into super cute bunnies you can always be a sexy cat. 

6. Beret Girl 

The Goofy Movie was cute and so was this character, all you need for this look is a great one piece and beret. 

7. Mime 

Another super simple look. Grab a pair of suspenders, a striped top, black pants,gloves and a beret and your all set with this classic look. 

8. Gumball Machine 

Who doesn't have a simple red bottom and white top laying around? Complete this look with a bunch of pom poms from the craft store and tape your 25 cent sign to your bottom and your look is complete. 

9. Devil Costume 

Alessandra Ambrosio did this great simple look with her red one piece and denim shorts. Just complete the look with a pair of horns and your all done. 

10. You Can Do It Lady- Rosie the Riveter

One of the easiest costumes is this great one. All you need is a pair of jeans, denim shirt, bandanna and some great red lipstick. 

Women Halloween Custom


Halloween doesn't have to be extra complicated. Just grab a few piece to put your look together and some great makeup and your all set for the night. 



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